Seadoo RXP Used Jetski for Sale

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2004 Sea-Doo RXP Used Jetski For Sale

  • 215HP Supercharged Rotax Engine
  • 120 hours
  • Includes Single Trailer

It's a shame that PWCs don't have doors. It would be so much fun seeing them blown off by Sea-Doo's RXP--the undisputed new king of personal muscle craft. The closest thing to being shot out of a particle accelerator, on the water, the RXP experience redefines performance with a clean, green 215-hp Rotax engine. How does 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds grab ya, or 0 to 30 mph in 1.8 seconds? And that's with a full tank of gas.

Style With Sizzle
Going fast is cool, but your ride should also look the part. Remember the musclecar '60s and '70s? Hood scoops, shaker hoods, wings, spoilers, fender gills and rocket exhaust tips were the order of the day. Sea-Doo may not have rocket exhaust tips but it does deliver on image, borrowing cues from today's sportbikes. On the downside, we think Sea-Doo is missing the boat, so to speak, by not offering a "Jaws" paint option.

The RXP's supercharged 4-stroke 3-cylinder Rotax SOHC with intercooler features a big-bore (100mm), short-stroke (63.4mm) design. Reduced piston travel means a longer engine life. The heads are a 4-valve design because the RXP mill is redlined at 8 grand. High-revving bike engines that spin at over 11,000 rpm benefit from 5-valve heads. Premium components, such as titanium valves, add to the durability equation, but that stuff doesn't come cheap. Bombardier, the parent company for Sea-Doo, Rotax and other brands, needed volume to justify the engine investment. In addition to powering PWCs, the 4-stroke--dubbed 4 TEC--in various configurations is being bolted into everything from the company's ATVs and snowmobiles to Sea-Doo sport boats.


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